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April 3rd, 2014

"My job doesn’t exist so that I can know more, or so that I can tell others what to do. My job exists to cultivate a healthy and safe environment for amazing people to do the best work of their lives. My job is to make sure that people feel supported and have a clear path to success and growth. And when things get murky or confusing, it’s my job to assist in finding clarity again, to reframe the conversation"

— Great thoughts for those of us transitioning to a manager role, from my friend Cap Watkins | Sr. Product Design Manager at Etsy.

Link: Common Questions About Design Professionalism - Smashing Magazine →

March 12th, 2010

Interesting article at Smashing Magazine where the author bluntly answers common questions about being a design professional. I admire his forthright attitude and opinionated stance, even if some might not agree with his views. This would be a real eye-opener for some design students and recent graduates:

Question: “I recently graduated from design school and have started freelancing, and I’m wondering how you get clients? How do you get your name out there?”

This person may just as well have jumped out of an airplane and then asked, “Now, how do I go about finding a parachute? Oh, and should I land somewhere specific? How exactly do I do that?”

Even so, this lack of foresight is quite common. The immediate lesson is that you shouldn’t become an independent professional with little to no professional experience, with no prospects and knowing little to nothing about the business.

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