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November 8th, 2011

I’ve been asked a lot lately for resources for software design/interaction design, design for lean/agile startups, or just plain user experience design, especially as a starting point for non-designers or those looking to get into UX design. Here’s a list that includes everything I could think of to recommend off the top of my head, plus a whole lot more.

A recent epiphany of mine: There are tons of resources for designers from the agency/freelance point of view, but it’s harder to find resources for people doing software design in an agile development team*. This here is a one-stop shop for the latter. Check every single one of these links out. Thank you Janice and LUXr!

* Why? I think when you’re an agency or a freelance designer, talking about your work, speaking at conferences, and promoting yourself through blogs and social networks directly affects your bottom line — these things serve to win you clients and a higher pay rate. In fact, it’s probably impossible to compete in the market these days without doing these things. So it’s baked in.

When you’re on the payroll as a full-time employee of a software development company, on the other hand, it can seem like the opposite is true. It can feel like you’re in the trenches, and you’re doing everything you can just to keep up with the team. Who has time to blog or put together a presentation? I’ve been heads down doing this work for years, and haven’t taken the time to come up for air and see what the landscape is around me.

But there are plenty of other people doing this same job, and it can only help us to publish our findings, techniques, and thoughts and make sure our side is represented. It also helps your credibility, internally with your team, as well as for your company if you are a good representative for the design community. That’s my epiphany :) I will start trying to publish my own stuff as soon as I can get some thoughts together… For now, I’ll try and do a better job of linking to more of these kinds of articles and sites.

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